Splatoon 2 Guide: How To Defeat The Octo Oven Boss

Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 features some tough enemies, which can give players a tough time, however, aside from the normal enemies, the game has a total of five boss battles.

In boss battles, players will have to take down a boss, which can be very hard. Some bosses are tough to take down, however, some are pretty easy. This guide will help you defeat the first boss of Splatoon 2 called Octo Oven. To take down this boss, you will have to be quick, as you will need to climb on top of the huge toaster oven boss.

How To Defeat Octo Oven In Splatoon 2:

The fight against the Octo Oven will have three stages. The Octo Oven will have different attacks, but this guide will make sure you complete this Boss Fight with ease.

In the first stage of the battle, keep your distance from the boss, as it will shoot out loaves of bread which you will have to evade. After shooting out the bread twice, Octo Oven will shoot out all the loaves of bread it has. After doing that, the Octo Oven will stay idle. This is when you will have to ink climb the first two loafs, before ink climbing to the top of the Octo Oven by inking the wall. Once you the top, you will have to shoot at the tentacle, as it is the weak spot of the Octo Oven.

The second stage is pretty much the same as the first part, but now there are pillars of enemy ink squirting from the ground around you. Wait for Octo Oven to attack you twice, as its third attack will allow you to climb on top to attack the tentacle again. Take out the tentacle to progress to the third and final stage of the fight.

When you get to the third stage of the boss fight, Octo Oven will start spreading his ink around the battle area with an arm. To prevent getting attacked or getting stuck in the enemy ink, rotate around the area counter clockwise. After this part of the fight is over, Octo Oven will release all of his loaves again. This time, however, there are sheets of metal on the loaves, which will prevent your ink from sticking to it. So make sure you avoid the parts with the metal sheets on them, and ink the parts without the sheet on them. Climb your way to the top and take down the tentacle for the final time. This will put an end to Octo Oven for good.

Hopefully this guide helped you defeat the Octo Oven Boss with ease. Splatoon 2 is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

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