Splatoon 2’s Final Content Update Coming December 5th

Splatoon 2

The final update for Splatoon 2 will be coming December 5th. Several new ability upgrades and weapons will be added in Update Version 4.3.0.

The first ability change is that the Bomb Defense Up and Cold Blooded abilities are combining to make Bomb Defense Up DX.

The next ability being introduced is Main Power Up. The details on it’s specific abilities is undetermined, but it will upgrade whichever weapon you’re using and this will change depending on the weapon. For example the paint roller will increase damage, and the aerospray will increase coverage. It will be up to players to experiment freely with this power up.

Eight new weapons will be added for Splatoon 2 and these include The Ballpoint Splatling Noveau, Nautilus 79, Custom Explosher, and Bloblobber Deco. The other four weapons will be from the Kensa Collection, but these are still unknown.

For the entire update take a look here at the full video from the Squid Research Labs:

Nintendo stated that there will continue to be splatfests and other events through the games life cycle, but this will be the end of new content for the game. Many fans are already looking forward to the third installment, and it’s clear Nintendo looks to pivot from Splatoon 2 content onto new projects.

For those that are Splatoon fans don’t forget to check out Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The inklings will be making their first appearance in the Smash Bros series.

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