Spotify Goes Live For Xbox One Later Today

Spotify is finally heading to the Xbox One in the form a new application that should be available to download later today. This application allows the user to play their own music in the background while playing a game and utilize a variety of different features using their own Spotify account.

The official page for the Spotify application for Xbox One can be accessed here while the FAQ for the app on the website lists the features that will be available to Xbox One users. (via NeoGAF)

Features include:

  • Play music in the background while gaming.
  • Browse playlists from different genres and moods. Or check out new releases.
  • Play your own playlists or songs from Your Music.
  • Search for any song, album, or playlist.
  • Use Spotify Connect to control the music from your mobile device.

This application was rumored for a while ago after some users stumbled across it on the Xbox Live Store, although it wasn’t confirmed officially until today. The official FAQ also lists more information for the application including how to find and login into the application,

Spotify is a popular music streaming platform that has been available on a huge variety of devices which makes it the ideal choice for music lovers. The addition of Spotify on Xbox One should make it easy for users to play their own music seamlessly as they enjoy gaming on the platform.

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