Spyro The Dragon Official Twitter Account Spotted, Possibly Teasing Remake

Spyro The Dragon is getting a full remake just like Crash Bandicoot last year. This remake will reportedly feature the first 3 games in the trilogy and while it has yet to be officially confirmed by Activision, there are already multiple reports of the trilogy being in development exclusively for the PS4.

This most recent rumor is more of a hint than something concrete and it does add more evidence to a remake being in development for Spyro The Dragon. It was discovered by Twitter user JumpButton who shared that Activision has started to operate on an official Twitter account for Spyro the Dragon just recently. The email that is used for the Twitter account is owned by Activision and the codename for the account point towards a voice acting project that was codenamed Falcon.

You can see all the information that has been compiled in the tweet below.

Even though there is enough evidence here, treat this news with a grain of salt as a rumor because nothing has been officially confirmed for it so far.

Spyro The Dragon is one of the most popular platformer on the PS1 along with the Crash Bandicoot series, so it won’t be surprising to see it get a remake this year after the blockbuster success of the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy last year.

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