Spyro The Dragon Trilogy Remaster Reveal Is Potentially Happening Soon

Spyro The Dragon Trilogy is getting a full remaster treatment just like it was the case with the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy. Activision hasn’t shared any official announcement but they have started to tease the remaster with some vague hints. Eagle eyed fans have also noticed some changes like an official Twitter account that is currently inactive and now the official domain for the series that seems to be active again.

Spyro The Dragon was one of the most iconic platformer along with Crash Bandicoot on the PS1. While Crash Bandicoot has been remastered and with a huge success after selling millions of units worldwide, Activision seems to have put their attention towards Spyro The Dragon Trilogy remaster. It was first leaked by Kotaku and since then, it has been rumored through vague hints and teases by fans.

Spyro The Dragon Official Twitter Account Spotted, Possibly Teasing Remake

The time to get an official reveal is soon after IGN received a Mysterious Package which was sent by Falcon Mcbob. This is the same name as an unverified Spyro The Dragon twitter account that has been linked to Activision. If there is a reveal happening, it is could be soon since the website update and this new tease points toward the same.

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