Spyro The Dragon Twitter Account Drops First Hint With Crash Bandicoot Photo

Spyro The Dragon will be getting the remake treatment just like it happened with Crash Bandicoot last year. Kotaku leaked the news earlier this year but there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding this news from Activision.

Fans who have kept a close eye on any Spyro The Dragon related news noticed that the official Twitter account was created with an Activision email that was locked out as a private account. This account seems to be finally active and has not only followed the Twitter account for Crash Bandicoot, but also made a new Tweet tagging him with a photo that clearly teases a Spyro The Dragon announcement.

Spyro The Dragon Official Twitter Account Spotted, Possibly Teasing Remake

The history of the Spyro The Dragon teases is a bit of a wild card. It started as pure speculation that was later corroborated by Kotaku and then it basically ended up being a fanboy fantasy when one reddit user tried to spread some fake leaks around it. The rumor gained some new heat after IGN received a mysterious package from the same Falcom McBob Twitter account that is currently the only alleged official account for Spyro The Dragon. The first tweet by this account has now tagged Crash Bandicoot with an image as you can see below.

If the announcement for the remaster happens soon, it might be a timed PS4 exclusive as hinted by Kotaku. The remaster will include the first 3 games in the Spyro The Dragon Trilogy that were originally released for the PS1.

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