Square Enix registers Final Fantasy Agito trademark

In latest Square Enix happenings it seems that the company has registered the trademark “Final Fantasy Agito” in Japan. This term is not to be confused with Final Fantasy Agito XIII which was the previous name for Final Fantasy Type-0.

The trademark for Final Fantasy Agito was filed on the 24th of April this year and is for a video game software.


Final Fantasy Agito XIII was announced back in 2006 for mobile devices but development was moved to the PSP in 2008, the game was later renamed to Final Fantasy Type-0 in early 2011 and released in Japan later that year. The game has yet to be released in western regions despite the huge demand showed by fans along with the various movements to create awareness for the game.

Could this new trademark mean that a western release is finally in the works? Or is Square planning a side project that uses the Agito name? Only time will tell.

Hopefully we can hear some more Final Fantasy related news at E3, recent rumors have been suggesting Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be there, and with recent screenshots and information for Final Fantasy X and X-2 remaster releasing regularly it should be there as well.

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