Square Enix Is Targeting 1080p And 30 Fps For Final Fantasy XV, Shares More Details About Demo

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has revealed some new tidbits about the upcoming demo of Final Fantasy XV titled Episode Duscae.

Hajime Tabata conducted an reddit AMA earlier today and answered some questions from fans about the Final Fantasy XV demo as well.

First of all he confirmed that their aim is to achieve 1080p at 30 fps for the final version of the game.

Our target for the full version is full-HD (30 fps), but it’s difficult to realize that with the graphics and features we have in the game.

If you wanted to use the “Phantom Sword” of Noctis, you can do that in the demo and there will also be a dedicated button for Jump.

For Episode Duscae, our Japanese fans keep asking if we’re including a jump feature or if the “Phantom Sword” will be available. And I can confirm that both are in the demo!

Regarding the release date of the demo, they are still working on optimizing it so Tabata wasn’t able to confirm a date yet.

We are doing are best to have the demo playable with the release of Type-0 HD, but we are still working on optimizing the system and everything, so I can’t give you a date.

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