Square Enix teases new project, has Star Ocean vibes

I’m a huge Star Ocean nut so when I saw this teaser for Square Enix’s new project, the first thing I thought the text said was “Star Ocean” or “Star Ocean Online”. But unfortunately due the way Square Enix is with their teases, this could end up being another mobile game exclusive to Japan.


The title of the page is simply named “Square Enix New Project” so there’s not much to guess from that. The main reason I think this could be Star Ocean is due to the “SAR” in the top row with space for another letter between S and A. There’s also a picture of a planet behind the text and Star Ocean is all about space and alien planets.

After their acquisition the game’s developers tri-Ace don’t seem to be working on any games, so maybe they’re already hard at work on this? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out.



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