Square Enix wants fans to create “New Entertainment Content” for new character featured in latest Visual Works demo

Visual Works showed off a new video demo, essentially a proof of concept, at the on-going Tokyo Game Show 2018.

The visuals featured are some of the best CGI I’ve ever seen personally. Visual Works are masters at what they do and are probably the best CGI studio in the world. For those not aware, Visual Works are Square Enix’s CGI and animation powerhouse. They’re responsible for creating all CGI videos for Square Enix games, and not just the Japanese developed ones. They also made the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie.

Visual Works’ previous demo was Agni’s Philosophy which many expected to be a teaser for the next Final Fantasy. Their new demo takes a completely opposite direction to Final Fantasy, resembling themes of games like Mass Effect and Deus Ex. Check it out below:

Square Enix also wants creative fans to create “New Entertainment Content” featuring the female character featured in the video:

  • Contact us if you are interested in creating “New Entertainment Content” using this character design.
  • We are looking forward to contact from creators, studios, and production companies worldwide.
  • There are no restrictions on content format. Games, cinematics, merchandising – anything is acceptable.
  • There is no need to adopt the story or feel of the Prototype movie. The user is free to to create any character story and background.

*This is not a promotional contest nor a recruitment for Square Enix or Visual Works staff.
*The purpose of this project is to foster the creation of new content based on this character design and solely for commercial use.
*Square Enix Co., Ltd. (“we” or “our” hereinafter) owns all rights of this movie and this character design. In order to exploit our copyrighted materials, you need to obtain our approval.

Not sure if I support this notion, it’s basically asking fans to create content for no pay. Let’s see how this pans out.

What did you think of the Visual Works Character Demo? Personally I’m just in awe and just like Agni’s Philosophy would love for Square Enix to create a game in the same world. Have to certainly hand it to Visual Works, they are a super creative and talented studio.

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