Square Enix’s New Strategy; Eidos To Focus On Online Titles, Japan To Focus On Smartphones

In a recent news released by Square Enix in the form of slides which reveals their strategy on how to approach the Digital Entertainment Business in the future. Sadly, it is not good news. The slides indicate that Square Enix wants the overseas studios it has to shift their entire focus on the production of online-based titles. Their most notable overseas studio is Eidos, which is responsible for hit titles like Deus Ex, Hitman and Tomb Raider in recent times. Square Enix wants to transform fixed price model for their games into variable earnings model and gave an example of Nosgoth, which is a Free To Play or F2P title for the PC.


The slide also indicates that the Japan based studios will focus and accelerate the production of titles for the smartphones. Other than that, Square Enix wants to expand their overseas activity, primarily in the Asian region. Square Enix also stated that the sequels for the “Dragon Quest” series and “Final Fantasy Agito” along with many others will make their way to smartphones. You can read about all this in the slides here.


All this focus on smartphones and online-based titles begs us to question Square Enix’s motives and future plans for other big franchises such as Deus Ex, Hitman and Tomb Raider. What will this shift in focus mean for the Final Fantasy series as well for the home consoles?

Stay tuned with us as we will bring you more information regarding this move by Square Enix.

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