Star Citizen Alpha 2.0: New Flight mode along with major changes revealed

Star Citizen will experience some huge and major changes as a part of the upcoming alpha 2.0 release, which will add three new flight modes, Quantum Travel, and third order motion control system.

The most important feature in Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 are the new flight modes, which will specifically alter ship behaviours so as to better suit specific situations. For example, ships will dispatch in Precision mode, which decreases top speed and scales back acceleration in return for better and easier maneuvering, while Cruise mode is the exact inverse: “Velocity at the expense of control,” as Cloud Imperium Games clarified in yesterday’s update. The third mode, Space Combat Maneuvering shows up entirely like the present Arena Commander flight model, however it now computes maximum velocity as a function of power and mass so as to optimize every ship’s performance in a battle.


Quantum Travel is similar to the Cruise mode, however it works independently through the Quantum Drive, which empowers long-distance go over relatively short time periods. The restrictions of the Quantum Drive imply that any ship equipped with it can accomplish the same maximum velocity of 0.2c—that is one-fifth the velocity of light.

Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 will introduce various different changes, components, and bug fixes, and the breakdown gets technical in places. There are even charts, with titles like “Capped Exponentially Damped Motion” and “Ideal 3rd Order Velocity.” It is clearly a major step towards the development of Star Citizen Alpha 2.0.

The release date for Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 has not been mentioned yet. However, the game designer Pete Mackay and physics programmer John Pritchett revealed these major changes in a video.

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