Star Citizen Changes Engine From CryEngine To Amazon’s Lumberyard

One of the largest crowdfunding projects of all time, Star Citizen is an upcoming space sim currently in development by Cloud Imperium Games. And now, around four years into the development cycle of the game, the developers have announced that Star Citizen will be switching game engines.

In a press release issued yesterday, Roberts Space Industries announced that the company would be switching over from Crytek’s CryEngine to Amazon’s Lumberyard. What this means is that the came could now take even longer to develop, especially when taking into account the considerable amount of time and effort that has gone into this transition.

Chris Roberts, Studio Head at Cloud Imperium Games, had this to say:

“We’ve been working with Amazon for more than a year, as we have been looking for a technology leader to partner with for the long term future of Star Citizen and Squadron 42. Lumberyard provides ground breaking technology features for online games, including deep back-end cloud integration on AWS and its social component with Twitch that enables us to easily and instantly connect to millions of global gamers.”

He then went on to announce that due to a shared technical vision, the transition has been very smooth for the studio, and that the upcoming 2.6 Alpha release for Star Citizen is also running on Lumberyard.

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Also of note is the fact that this announcement comes almost directly in the wake of Crytek shutting down 5 of their studios due to financial problems. Chris Roberts has however said that these closures have had no effect on the development of Star Citizen, and that they are “not dependent on them for anything at this point”

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