Star Citizen’s FPS module is called Star Marine

Next gen consoles' graphics horsepower is too weak to play Star Citizen, claims developer

In his latest blog post on RobertsSpaceIndustries, Star Citizen developer Chris Roberts has announced a name for the game’s first-person shooter module. The squad-based shooter, called Star Marine, is powered by Crytek’s CryEngine and is said to be integrated into the game’s campaign, known as Squadron 42.

star citizen2

Roberts has gone into great detail about the development and overhauling of characters, animation, art, environment, and an elaborate movement transition system. In addition, he has comprehensively discussed the fundamental workings of Zero-G combat as well as Sata Ball.

With regards to matchmaking, Roberts has talked about an revamped system that will arrive with Star Marine and will include a brand new matchmaker, game instance manager, and party service. Together, this reworked system is referred to as the Generic Instance Manager. With the new system in place, queue times are said to be significantly reduced and players should encounter far less issues when trying to initiate or connect to an existing multiplayer game.

star citizen2

Specific details on the development of the FPS module can be seen below:

  • Increased poly-count
  • More physically accurate materials
  • Fixing and limiting Anti-Aliasing issues
  • Laying the Groundwork for customization system
  • Character Modularity
  • Character Optimization and levels of detail
  • Multi-Layer Blending
  • Character Class and Type specifics
  • PU Character Standards

A date for Star Marine’s public release has not been announced. That said, Roberts plans to provide regular updates regarding its progress until the module is available.

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