Star Citizen’s Single Player Campaign Has Been Delayed

Citizencon 2016 has just come to an end, and developer Cloud Imperium Games had some disappointing news that they unveiled during the event. According to the developer, Star Citizen’s single player campaign has now been delayed.

Originally expected for a release this year, Squadron 42, Star Citizen’s single player mode, has been delayed. Chris Roberts, founder of Cloud Imperium Games, has stated that while the technology behind the game is done, there are still a number of areas such as the pathfinding and AI logic that are still in development.

The developers are currently busy trying to bring one of the game’s 28 chapters into a final release form, at which point it will be shown off to the community.


The livestream, which can be seen above, showcased an absolutely gorgeous new planet with incredibly varied terrains called LIER III. Everything from tall mountain peaks, to oceans and deserts were present on the planet.


We also got a look at one of the “handcrafted missions” on the planet during which the player responds to a distress signal all the way in the desert. After surviving an ambush and damaging your rover, the mission culminates in the crashed wreckage of a massive ship.

Star Citizen's FPS module is called Star Marine

Star Citizen is one of the most ambitious games to ever be announced. and each new update leaves the audience breathless. Hopefully the game manages to live up to it’s massive hype.

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