Star Ocean 5 Details On The Story And Characters Emerge

Just a few days ago JRPG fans all over the world were surprised by Square Enix with the announcement of Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlesness for Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The game is developed by tri-Ace and published by Square Enix and its release date is still unkown.

However, Famitsu shared some new details concerning the story, characters and setting of Star Ocean 5, starting from the prologue:

The deep abyss of space doesn’t allow for peace of mankind—

It’s been several centuries since leaving behind Earth, and the humans that surpassed countless struggles have created the “Galactic Federation,” with the hope of obtaining unified order and peace.

However, flames of new war have begun to ignite anew.

Feycreed, the unsettled planet located more than 6,000 light-years from Earth.

As we’ve seen in many cases before it, the waves of history reaches the shores of one planet.

In regards to the main characters, we have the hero Fidel Camus, which is the son of the most well-known swordsman in the Kingdom of Reslia. The Kingdom is now in a situation of confusion and Fidel uses his sword abilities to defens his town.

Miki Sorvesta is the other main character in the game; She is Fidel’s childhood friend and she sees him as his own big brother. Miki is kind and cute with her friends but when the situation requires it, she becomes focused and reliable. Her abilities are mainly of support and healing.

The planet’s biggest continent is called Vesteel and it’s where half its entire population lives. The people of Reslia Kingdom have been enjoying peace and prosperity for over 300 years. This isn’t the case anymore because of the “Seven Years of Darkness” which has brought instability and confusion.

Our main protagonists live in a small village located in the southern end of the Kingdom, called Starl Village, which uses wind energy as its main power source. The game world Feycreed is set to be in the 15th/16th century on Earth, while using magic and technology for development. In the screenshots we posted earlier, you can see different characters that have joined the party: a green haired witch and a blonde swordsman. Famitsu reveals that the cooperation with your allies in battle will be more important than ever in Star Ocean 5. (Thank you, Siliconera).

We can’t wait to share more details with you all soon. Let us know what you think of Star Ocean 5 so far in the comments.

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