Star Ocean 5 English Twitter Account Launched, First English VO Trailer Out Tomorrow

Square Enix has launched the first official Star Ocean 5 Twitter account in preparation of its Western launch. This twitter account has also shared its first tweet in which it was confirmed that we will get our first glimpse at the English localized version of the game tomorrow.

The tweet confirms English voice overs for the game in the trailer tomorrow. You can follow the Twitter account here to get up-to-date with the Western launch of the game, which is currently confirmed for a release in 2016.

Star Ocean 5 is being developed by Tri-Ace and published by Square Enix. The game will also launch on PS3 in Japan while it is being released exclusively for the PS4 in the West. You can find out more details about the difference between Star Ocean 5 on PS3 versus PS4 from here.

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