Star Wars Battlefront Alpha: Check Out More Than 5 Minutes Of HQ Gameplay Footage

Star Wars Battlefront Alpha has officially started today and players are already streaming it on Twitch and sharing their gameplay videos online.

You can check out one such gameplay video of the Star Wars Battlefront Alpha. Make sure to watch it before it is taken down.

Here are the system specs of the PC running the Alpha in the video.

Intel i7 3770 overclocked to 4.3Ghz
Asrock Extreme 4 z77
Nvidia GTX 980Ti Inno 3D Reference overclocked to 1435MHz on the core and 2000MHhz on the memory Drivers 353.38
8GB of Corsair Dominator 1866Mhz DDR3
OCZ Agility 3 120GB SSD + 2TB Seagate Barracuda Storage
Corsair Graphite 780T Black
Corsair AX 860 PSU
XSPC 750 Ray storm 360 Watercooling kit

Star Wars Battlefront is currently offering a closed Alpha for select users on PC. This closed Alpha has started today and it is currently only available to EA Origins users on PC.

Star Wars Battlefront will officially launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC this November. It is confirmed to run at 60 fps on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Let us know what you think about this new gameplay footage in the comments below.

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