Star Wars Battlefront: Here’s How To Register For Closed Alpha On PC

EA has revealed the release date for the Closed Beta of Star Wars Battlefront on PC and invites are being sent to those who are selected to participate in this closed Alpha. If you still haven’t registered for the close Alpha, don’t miss your chance to register before the time passes.

To register for the Closed Alpha, you will need an EA Origins account. You need to head over the closed Alpha registration page and login with your EA Origins account. Keep in mind that not everyone is eligible for the Alpha so if you get the following screen, it means you are not allowed in the closed Alpha.

Star Wars Battlefront Closed Alpha will start from July 2nd and a pre-load will be available starting July 1st. If you have applied for the Alpha and got in, make sure to download the game with the pre-load because the servers might not cope with the sudden influx of downloads on release day.

Let us know if you have managed to register for the Closed Alpha for Star Wars Battlefront in the comments below.

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