Star Wars Battlefront: How to Use the Ion Torpedo Star Card

The Ion Torpedo is one of the Star Cards that you can get relatively earlier in Star Wars Battlefront. It normally acts as a missile launcher, though some players get confused about the system of this Ion Torpedo. Here’s the thing about the Ion Torpedo that most of the players in Star Wars Battlefront don’t know about it. You can’t use Ion Torpedo against human enemies, you can only use it against vehicles and stationary weapons.

This means that the Ion Torpedo will only be locked on to vehicles like the AT-AT, AT-ST, speeders, and stationary weapons like turrets. If you try to aim Ion Torpedo at human enemies, it will not lock on and you won’t be able to fire the weapon at all. To use the Ion Torpedo, simply aim it at any vehicle or stationary weapon, wait for the small white square to appear on your screen which signals that you have locked on to a target. After you’ve locked the target, just simply fire and it will shoot a missile launcher at target.


So next time if you want to play modes like Hero Hunt or Heroes vs. Villains, then make sure to exchange the Ion Torpedo Star Card for something more useful in Star Wars Battlefront. If you’re playing Walker Assault, however, the Ion Torpedo will prove to be very useful, especially if you’re on the side of the Rebels.

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