Starbound Finally Leaves Early Access On July 22nd

Chucklefish’s indie game, Starbound, is finally set to leave Steam Early Access with an official release date of July 22, 2016. The game was originally made available for purchase in December 2013 and instantly became an indie hit, earning praise from a number of notable review sites. The game went on to sell more than a million copies on its first week on Steam.

Starbound is a 2D space adventure game in which players take the role of a character who found himself lost in space with a damaged ship. The player explores procedurally generated maps in order to collect resources and repair their ship so they can continue to explore the galaxy. The game has been applauded for its complex crafting system and freedom of player choice. Many have even compared it to other crafting games such as Terraria and Minecraft.


And now, after around 4 years in development, Starbound is just a few weeks away. The game will re-launch as Starbound v1.0 and will feature a brand new campaign, upgrades to the combat, updated multiplayer, a revamped crafting system alongside multiple bug fixes and a whole lot more. For a full list of changes in version 1.0, click here.

The developers of Starbound have also promised that they will continue to support and update the game as time goes on, with a number of “cool ideas” that they could not fit into 1.0.

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