Starbound v1.1.1 Changelog Is Out Now

Chucklefish’s space exploration indie game ,Starbound, officially left Steam Early Access back in July after nearly three years in Early Access. The game has received phenomenal reviews and has been receiving constant updates since it’s initial release.

Now developers have released the Starbound v1.1.1 changelog which features a number of minor fixes as well as additions such as unlocking relevant collectible entries for previously captured monsters and completed fossils, as well as adding missing recipe unlocks for cooking recipes.


The full changelog can be found below:

  • Make previously captured monsters and previously completed fossils unlock their relevant collectible entries (Pets and fossils will need to be dropped and picked back up as item drops in order to register as collectables)
  • Better handling of status effects applied by weather, e.g. acid rain
  • Fix bug with Snuffish and Gosmet not being properly added to monster collection
  • Fix swapped collection entries for Avian and Apex skeleton fossils
  • Prevent critters captured in previous versions from also being relocatable
  • Add a few missing recipe unlocks for cooking recipes to relevant items
  • Add missing documentation for a few new Lua functions

This update is one of a number of improvements for Starbound ever since the game’s official launch, with more additions to come in the form of what the developers referred to as “cool ideas” that were not able to be fit into version 1.0 of the game.

Starbound Review (PC)

Starbound was officially released back on 22nd July, 2016 for the PC, Mac and Linux, with versions for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita currently in development. You can also check out our review of the game here.

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