Stardew Valley coming to Linux and Mac depends on Sales

Stardew Valley is the latest indie hit from Steam that has been getting praises from fans everywhere. The game can be roughly described as a mix of Harvest Moon, Rune Factory and Animal Crossing.

Stardew Valley is currently on available on Steam for Windows but could come to both Mac and Linux soon if the game continues selling as well as it has.

On a Question/Answer post on the game’s page, the Linux and Mac versions were confirmed to be up for consideration:

Will this come to MAC / Linus?
Depending on sales of the game, most likely!

The Q/A is directly referenced from here:

I’ve updated the Q&A for launch. Depending on sales of the game, there will be version for both MAC and Linus (…..linux. For linux.) 
Famed developer Ethan Lee even offered to port the game so maybe they can work something out soon. Also considering how well the game is selling it’s only a matter of time.
stardew valley
Stardew Valley is probably the most hottest game on PC right now with over 50,000 people playing it on Steam earlier today. The game currently holds a perfect score on Steam with over 5,500 reviews. I’ve played a bit of the game and can certainly say that it deserves the praise.
stardew valley
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