Stardew Valley For The PS Vita Is Still A Possibility, Says Developer

Stardew Valley is out now for the Nintendo Switch. The game has been released for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One while the Switch version makes it the first time the game has released on a handheld. There was a rumor surrounding the game being worked on for the PS Vita where one of the support person for the game responded that while it is currently running on the PS Vita, the game still requires further optimization before it can be released.

In a recent reddit AMA, the developer of Stardew Valley, Concerned Ape, talked about the possibility about the PS Vita version confirming what was said by the support person.

Vita is still a likely possibility, but right now our focus is on fixing bugs in the Switch version, so I still can’t say anything for sure at this point

This comment echoes the same thought as the previous update on Stardew Valley for the PS Vita where the developers weren’t able to confirm if they can release a PS Vita version, but they didn’t deny that it would be possible as well.

Stardew Valley is a critical and commercial hit indie game which is the work of a single developer, Concerned Ape. This makes it all the more impressive although the porting process is handled by different development teams. Hopefully once the team is able to fix the bugs for the Switch version, they can also release a PS Vita version which would make it a nice game after the indie hit Undertale was released for the PS Vita.

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