Stardew Valley Reportedly Suffers From Technical Issues On The PS4 Pro

Stardew Valley is available now for the first time on the PS4 and Xbox One. The game was originally released on Steam for PC and has gathered a huge fan following there. Unfortunately, its transition to consoles doesn’t appear to be as smooth as players are reporting some technical issues for the game on the PS4 Pro.

This issue was first reported by reddit user Retro_Edge who complained about this issue on the official Stardew Valley subreddit. Here is what he had to say regarding this issue.

  • Almost every time when i try to turn the PS4 Pro off after playing Stardew Valley, nothing happens until it beeps 3 times and hard resets himself. No matter if i turn it off while i play the game or after i did something else like watching 1 hour Netflix. This only happens when i played Stardew Valley, i tested over 20 games and situations, only Stardew Valley seems to break something when it got booted up one time.
  • Sometimes when i played Stardew Valley and want to switch to another game, the game won’t start and get stuck at the first Bootscreen. Only after i played Stardew Valley.

Similar comments were posted on official Stardew Valley forums as well as on gaming forum NeoGAF, where users complained about the game forcing their PS4 Pro to act strange after playing it.

As it stands, this bug has been mostly reported for the PS4 Pro but it could also exist for users playing the game on the standard PS4 or Xbox One.

Hopefully the developers can take a look at this issue and work on a fix for it because from the sound of it, it is definitely an annoying technical issue.

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