Stardew Valley Is Already Running On The PS Vita, Requires Optimizations Before Release

Stardew Valley is one of the most popular indie games on Steam. It was the work of a single developer, Concerned Ape, and it managed to achieve surprise success on Steam resulting in more than a million copies sold on PC. The game was then later ported to the PS4 and Xbox One while it is also being reworked for the Nintendo Switch.

Stardew Valley is an indie Harvest Moon game. It puts the player in control of a farm while letting them socialize with the town people and live their life as a farmer. Even if it takes inspiration from the Harvest Moon series, it offers a lot more content and gameplay features that helps in making it stand out on its own.

Stardew Valley is also another game that seems to be the perfect fit for the PS Vita and while there is no official confirmation of the game heading to the PS Vita, the indication that the game is in development for the PS Vita was revealed in a support email.

This doesn’t really confirm that they are committed to a PS Vita version of the game, but it is nice to know that they are atleast trying with it. Undertale is another indie game like Stardew Valley that achieved cult status among fans and it is now confirmed for the PS Vita and PS4. Hopefully Stardew Valley can also make its way to the PS Vita.

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