Stardew Valley Update Version 1.43 Full Patch Notes (PS4, Xbox One)

Stardew Valley update version 1.43 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. Here are the full patch notes for this update which was released today.

Stardew Valley has received its major content patch 1.42 on consoles after releasing earlier on PC. This has been followed up with a bugfix update. Get the details of Stardew Valley update 1.43 below.

Stardew Valley Update Version 1.43 Full Patch Notes (PS4, Xbox One)

– Accept/Select or Cancel/Back actions will now be mapped differently depending on the Enter Button Assignment.
– Reduced frame rate hiccup when going between mine levels.
– Item stowing mode disabled by default.
– Fixed an issue where the game could crash in certain cases when a ring (such as the Napalm Ring) would have caused another enemy to die.
– Potential fix for a crash related to viewing invalid quest data in the quest log.
– Fixed an issue where you could collect multiples of a bundle’s reward in the community center if you closed the menu without collecting them.
– Fixed an issue where naming your pet the name of an NPC could have your pet appear on the calendar on that NPC’s birthday.
– Fixed an item duplication exploit when using the add to existing stacks button on an inventory with a full stack.
– Made some fixes to the Turkish localization.
– Fixed a bug in the Crafting Menu that could cause extra resources to be consumed in certain situations.
– Adjusted the Four Corners farm map to fix layering issue with buildings.
– Fixed a bug where you could enter Wizard’s Tower before unlocking the Community Center.
– Fixed an issue causing certain wallpapers to grant a Lost Book when selected in the Catalogue.
– Fixed an issue where you could get your grange score immediately after asking Lewis to judge your grange during the Stardew Valley Fair.

Stardew Valley is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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