Configuration File For Steam Controller Suggests That It Was Present In Steam Accounts For Weeks

It’s only been a few days since Valve announced its revolutionary Steam Controller along with Steam OS and Steam Machines, but apparently the configuration file for the Steam Controller was present inside everyone’s Steam accounts (those who keep Steam updated) for at least weeks.

NeoGAF user “iosefe” found the configuration file on his computer inside the folder where Steam was installed. (\Steam\controller_config). The configuration file mentions the touchscreen buttons and the triggers along with the trackpads. You can have a look at what’s inside the configuration file below:

		"button_0"		"kb:key_o, Objective"
		"button_1"		"kb:key_u, Skills"
		"button_2"		"mouse:scroll_down, Next Weapon"
		"button_3"		"mouse:scroll_up, Dual Wielding"

		"right_trigger" 	"mouse:left_button, Fire/Activate"
		"left_trigger"		"mouse:right_button, Aim"
		"right_bumper"		"kb:key_g, Dynamite"
		"left_bumper"		"kb:key_q, Concentration"

		"button_escape"		"kb:key_esc, Menu"
		"button_menu"		"kb:key_tab"

		"backside_left"		"kb:key_lcontrol, Crouch"
		"backside_right"	"kb:key_f, Melee"


		"touch_button_0"			"kb:key_1, Long"
		"touch_button_1"			"kb:key_2, Slot 2"
		"touch_button_2"			"kb:key_3, Slot 3"
		"touch_button_3"			"kb:key_4, Slot 4"

		"left_stick_up"		""
		"left_stick_right"	""
		"left_stick_down"	""
		"left_stick_left"	""
		"left_stick_click"	""

		"left_north"		"kb:key_w, Move Forward"
		"left_northeast"	""
		"left_east"		"kb:key_d, Move Right"
		"left_southeast"	""
		"left_south"		"kb:key_s, Move Backward"
		"left_southwest"	""
		"left_west"		"kb:key_a, Move Left"
		"left_northwest"	""

		"left_double_tap"	""
		"left_outer_edge"	"kb:key_lshift, Run"
		"left_click"		"kb:key_space, Jump"

		"right_north"		"kb:key_up"
		"right_northeast"	""
		"right_east"		"kb:key_right"
		"right_southeast"	""
		"right_south"		"kb:key_down"
		"right_southwest"	""
		"right_west"		"kb:key_left"
		"right_northwest"	""

		"right_double_tap"	"kb:key_r, Reload"
		"right_outer_edge"	""
		"right_click"		"kb:key_e, Use or Pickup"

		// Extra descriptions for pads as a whole rather than just individual directions
			"left_pad"	"Movement"
			"right_pad"	"Look"

This shows that Valve has been testing and preparing the Steam Controller for weeks and no one’s attention went to check out the Steam folder for a possible hint of the Steam Controller coming.

This means we should also keep an eye out on our Steam folder for possible information that Valve decides to ‘test’.

Are you excited about the Steam Controller? Let us know in the comments below.


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