Steam finally allows us to cancel pre-orders

If you are an impulsive buyer who spends some money on a game only to later wish that you hadn’t done so, then you will be glad to hear this news as Steam now allows you to cancel a pre-order. The only condition is that the game hasn’t been launched yet.

Steam is the biggest digital video game store where you can find almost any game. Titles can be pre-ordered if you want to play a game the moment it is officially launched. Up till now, there was no easy way to cancel a pre-order as it involved getting a support ticket and hoping that the steam representative cancels and hence, refunds the hard-earned cash which you paid for being impatient.

To cancel a pre-order, all you have to do is go to your steam library and click the newly-added “Refund this item” button that is adjacent to the (unreleased) game’s name. After you do this, the funds will be transferred to your steam wallet, regardless of the medium in which you paid for it in the first place. However, if you want a refund in a different method, then you will have to go through the old method by contacting Steam support.


This is certainly a welcome addition to the ever growing features of Steam. Now we won’t fret over the things we bought after succumbing to our gamer’s urge. What do you think about this feature? Let us know in the comments

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