Steam Sets New Growth Record With 45 Million Daily Active Users


Steam is growing into a giant with each passing day. It was recently confirmed by Valve that Steam now has 45 Million daily active users.

Steam started as a digital store exclusively for the PC users where they had a marketplace to purchase games. It has grown since inception to into a new giant in the gaming industry. Valve has also changed their role from a developer to a publisher with this new platform.

Recently, Valve shared an update where they announced that Spanish and Vietnamese support will get added to the Store. There was an interesting piece of info buried underneath the information, which was related to the daily active users on Steam. It now stands at 45 Million which is a big jump from last year, where it was reportedly 33 Million.

In comparison to PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, the former stands at 80 Million Monthly Active Users as of May 2018, while the later is at 57 Million Monthly Active Users. This is not a direct comparison to the Daily Active Users, but it shows where the PC exclusive platform stands next to the competitors.

Steam is a major revenue driver for Valve, which is a private company. Despite such massive success, Valve creator and founder Gabe Newell has no interest in taking it public.

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