Steam Sale Detectives reveal hidden passwords in the Winter Sale

Steam Winter Sale was rather week this year compared to the past few season sales. Valve had dropped the Flash and Daily deals for this Winter sale so it was no surprise to see the interest drop around it. In addition to this, there weren’t many special trading cards and just a basic trading card system was released along with a winter comic.

All this negativity didn’t stop Steam users from discovering some mysterious clue on the official store. Although the result of these clues is still not clear yet.

Steam users on the Steam Sale Detectives subreddit found a hidden password embedded into every Steam Store page. If you go to the store page of any game, type “search” and press Enter, a password prompt will appear in the middle of your screen. If you went to the front page of the Winter Sale comic, you could get a code as a barcode, however it was removed from the page recently.


The Steam Sale Detectives then entered this password on the page for Hitman: Codename 47 and got another series of numbers, which turned out to be a link to a sound file. The sound file contains a man saying a brief statement as follow.

I was on the right track. I could feel it. Tomorrow, I was going to search again.

Steam users are still trying to discover the logic behind these numbers. Some of the users even created an Mindmeister map to link all these numbers together. The Steam winter sale will end on January 4th, 2016.

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