Steam Servers Go Down As Users Face Disconnection Issues


Steam has been facing disconnection issues since 7:42 AM EDT. Steam users took to NeoGAF to confirm the issue and several users commented on how they randomly disconnect from the Steam Servers and are unable to reconnect.

Several popular Dota personalities have tweeted about the steam servers going down. Famous Dota 2 caster, Toby Dawson (TobiWan) experienced issues during his livestream.

It seems that the hacker group known as PoodleCorp, is responsible for the Steam services going down. PoodleCorp was behind the DDoS attack on the Pokemon GO servers, which resulted in players not being able to connect to the Pokemon GO servers, however, the issues have since been been resolved. Valve has resolved any issues that the users have been facing and Steam services are back to normal.

PoodleCorp have recently hacked multiple Twitter accounts. Famous Youtubers such as LeafyIsHere and DramaAlert, have been victims of Poodlecorp recently and have had their accounts hacked.

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Steam is one of the safest gaming networks, and rarely faces issues. Steam users previously faced issues back in 2015, where users were logging into random accounts, but the issue was fixed immediately.

We have seen hackers cause problems for major gaming networks before too. Hacker group, Lizard Squad, has been responsible for taking down the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live in the past.

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