Steam survey details revealed; More than quarter Steam users running Windows 10

The Steam’s Hardware Survey for November 2015 has been revealed and some really interesting details came out. According to the monthly survey, 29% of Steam users are running Windows 10. This is a huge jump comparatively to Steam’s August stats where only 17% of Steam’s users were running Windows 10.

On the other hand, 54% of Steam users are using an NVIDIA GPU, while 26% are using an AMD/ATI GPU. Moreover 19% of Steam users are using an Intel integrated GPU. This basically means that NVIDIA’s figures  increased 2% from August to November, whereas AMD’s and Intel’s figures decreased 1%.


DirectX 12 is an API that is exclusive to Windows 10 but it is expected to provide significant optimization in games. Right now, there are only two games supporting it natively but a lot more are expected in the future. As per the Steam survey, around 67% of Steam users own a DX12-capable system. Out of this percentage, only 29% can take advantage of it since they have Windows 10 operating system, which is required for DirectX 12.

On the CPU side of the hardware, Intel easily remained the most used hardware compared to AMD. Around 76.36% of Steam users own an Intel CPU, while 23.64% own an AMD CPU.

For those who are interested in the ratio of users that have a dual core or a quad core CPU, around 47.93% of Steam users own a dual-core CPU, while 45.12% own a quad-core CPU.

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