SteamOS (Beta) released

We all are eagerly waiting for pictures and price more details about the “SteamBox”. Unfortunately, we don’t have any idea about what this “SteamBox” looks like BUT we now have the next best thing … SteamOS

The “SteamBox” will be running on SteamOS and today, Valve released the first beta for all those people who can not wait for the full version. If you think that SteamOS looks promising and its worth giving a shot, then you can install it now on your own PC


WARNING: Please note that since this is an early build, it is NOT RECOMMENDED TO INSTALL UNLESS you are aware of some basic Linux environment since SteamOS is installed on the Debian distribution. Moreover, your HARD DRIVE WILL BE FORMATTED! THERE IS NO WAY TO DUAL BOOT AT THE MOMENT!

If you are willing to take the risks for a preview of SteamOS, then head on to the Steam forum for detailed instructions on how to set it up.

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