Steel Wool Studios Released Its First Puzzle Game For HTC Vive

Last month, Steel Wool Studios announced its next videogame, Bounce, for HTC Vive, and now the game is available on Steam. This physics based puzzle game requires players to help their robot companion, D1G-B, move through various levels on a space ship.

Users will have a number of tools at their disposal to get D1G-B across different rooms. These include, panels, ramps, chutes and launchers to roll, sling, shoot, and bounce the ball shaped robot. As players proceed in the game, the room layouts become more complex. It starts off with very little in the way of D1G-B, and then turns in to a complex area filled with moving objects, laser grids, bottomless floors and many more obstacles.


“What I love about Bounce is that there is not one fixed way to solve any level, and you’re really tasked with using your own personal creative ability to use the tools at your disposal to help transport D1G-B to her destination. For every player, it means near-endless variation for solving each puzzle level,” says Jason Topolski, co-founder at Steel Wool Studios. “Everyone looks at problems differently, and it’s the same for player-solutions to Bounce. We’re excited to see how players solve the puzzles we’ve prepared for them, and look forward to seeing some new faces on the in-game leaderboards!”

The game looks promising, but if you want to get a better idea of what it consists of, check out the teaser below.


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