Steep: Road To The Olympics Review (PS4)

Steep was a unique idea when it originally launched back in 2016. and it has yet to be topped by any other game. It remains the defacto extreme winter sports game for the current generation consoles, and while it might be slightly disappointing in term of gameplay, it is still highly enjoyable especially if you enjoy gorgeous visuals showing beautiful vistas.

Steep: Road To The Olympics is the first major expansion for the game that adds some new modes to the game letting you test your skills for becoming an Olympic champion. This expansion is a prelude to the 2018 Olympic Winter games in South Korea. It has been officially licensed by Pyeong Chang 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Despite what the name might imply, this is an expansion to the base Steep game so you will be required to own it before you can play the expansion.

The new addition is the Olympic themed campaign mode which lets you work your way through a gold medal by playing through a variety of different events. You can enjoy the open world on the Alps mountain range or check out the newly featured Asia region that includes mountains from South Korea and Japan. Of course, if you have already played the base game, the new attractions will be the one taking most of your time.

To start off, you will have a around 12 events themed around the upcoming Olympics, however don’t expect to see almost every sports represented here, since Steep is limited by what it already offers in the base game. Another new mode is the Become a Legend mode. Unfortunately, this mode ends up being a little disappointing for what it offers. Steep works best in its open world design and the restrictions faced in this mode do little to expand on it in a meaningful way.

The first new mode is Become the Legend that appears as a part of the map. If you decide to go through it, you will have to attempt several training events leading up to the qualification for the Winter Olympics in South Korea. The lack of a proper story mode is deeply felt here because you will be essentially going through a chain of events. If Ubisoft had perhaps paid a little attention to presenting a narrative here, the mode could have offered much more. Alas, this is not the case here. There will be video interviews presented throughout the mode as you progress in the story. These interviews are from all former the current and former Olympic winners featuring the likes of Lindsey Vonn, Kevin Rolland, Sage Kotsenburg and Ayumu Hirano.

You are basically playing through the base Steep game competing in these new events and if you enjoyed your time with Steep, you might not find it bad, but those who are looking for improvements here might be disappointed. The best part of the expansion is arguably the new regions that have been added to Steep. They feature most of the gameplay elements that were a part of Steep and it is fun to go through them, enjoying the sights along the way.

The changes to the gameplay are minimal. You will get some new tricks to perform and can now also grind on some surfaces. It might sound like fun but it really pales in comparison to other dedicated sports games because you are limited in what you can do here. It feels like a more tacked on experience than full fledged implementation here.

This expansion also carries a hefty price tag at $30 although you can also jump in with the Winter Games Edition that features the base game with the new Road To The Olympics. Aside from the price tag for this expansion, it provides a good amount of fun, but the new locations are arguably the best part of the expansion and if you have explored most of the Alps, and are in mood for going through more of the visceral beauty of Steep, this expansion might fulfill your expectations.

Steep: Road To The Olympics Review (PS4)

Game Reviewed on: PS4

Game description: Steep™ Road to the Olympics takes you on a journey to the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 in South Korea.


This is a nice little expansion that doesn't really add much for the upcoming Winter Olympics despite what the name might imply, but it feels like a good extension of the base game with some new content.


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