Steep Update Version 1.19 For PS4 [Patch Notes] PC And Xbox One

Step has received a new update version 1.19 for PS4, PC and Xbox One. Here’s what is included in this update.

According to Ubisoft, this free update is released in time ahead of the X Games addition to Steep. It adds new additional content free for everyone who owns a copy of the game. The last major update for Steep was released in December ahead of the new DLC expansion for it.

Steep Update Version 1.19 For PS4 [Patch Notes] PC And Xbox One


  • A brand new multiplayer mode – this is currently a PC-only beta, coming to consoles soon.
    • Experience Steep in a completely new way with this new PvP multiplayer mode, which will allow you to play with up to three other players in a series of three in-game challenges linked together in a playlist. We’re talking about synchronous PvP, with collisions. You can join the matchmaking to play in this mode directly from the Mountain View. More information can be found here[].
  • Additional Rocket wingsuit challenges, 3 in the Alps and 2 in Alaska.
  • A new “Game Learning” section.
    • A collection of tips and tricks to help improve your skills, accessed in the main menu under “Options”.


  • The grind system has been optimized. Jumps and jump height are more consistent and there is less ragdoll upon landing.
  • Fixed some animation transitions while using skis.
  • Fixed some issues with the depth of field in Photo Mode/Replay.
  • Fixed some localizations in the Ubisoft Club.
  • Fixed other minor issues.
  • PC specific:
    • Fixed the localization of some subtitles.
    • Fixed the news and season information display.
    • Fixed some text in the Polish localization.
    • Fixed some crashes and other minor technical issues.

Steep is available now for the PS4, Xbox One,and PC.

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