Steins;Gate Elite Review (PS4)

Steins;Gate Elite is an upgraded version of 2009’s critically claimed Steins;Gate Visual Novel which set an example for other games in the genre.

Elite, unlike the original, features fully animated scenes, even if they were just animated images in the original, which greatly increase the immersion. This version was born out of a desire of the game’s planned, Chiyomaru Shikura, who wanted do more than what was possible out of the visual novel genre. Developers 5pb due to the high costs and development time of creating a new game with fully animated scenes decided to go with Steins;Gate which had existing animation assets due to an Anime adaptation released in 2011.

Steins;Gate Elite stars eccentric protagonist Okabe Rintaro, a self-proclaimed “mad scientist” who goes by the moniker of Kyouma Hououin, often caught talking to himself on the phone trying to prevent the mischievous plans of “The Organization”. He’s joined by an equally interesting group of lab members as the group uncover the mysteries of time travel, CERN and to a bigger extent the inner workings of the world.

The base Steins;Gate was considered by many including myself to be one of the, if not the, best visual novel games to ever exist and Elite improves upon the original formula even further. I find playing most Visual Novels really boring to play other than a few exceptions but Steins;Gate Elite is unique in the sense that due to its excellent presentation and pacing, it never gets boring. There’s a ton of text to read, and not gameplay to play, so before getting into the game you should know what you’re buying. However, for those who want a relaxing but exciting story heavy experience will have a blast with Steins;Gate Elite.

With Steins;Gate Elite, I think it’s fair to say the Visual Novel genre has crossed another barrier of limitation. Steins;Gate is one of the finest stories and even though it exists in several forms including Manga and Anime, I still feel the Visual Novel form is the best way to enjoy it which by extension is by playing Steins;Gate Elite on PC, PS4 or Switch.

Steins;Gate Elite Review (PS4)

Game Reviewed on: PS4

Game description: STEINS;GATE ELITE follows a rag-tag band of tech-savvy young students who discover the means of changing the past via e-mail using a modified microwave.

  • Final Score - 9/10


With Steins;Gate Elite, I think it's fair to say the Visual Novel genre has crossed another barrier of limitation.


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