Stellaris Update 1.3.1 Out Now For PC

The sci-fi grand strategy game, Stellaris, just received an update which stops enemy torpedoes in their tracks. The new patch was released on October 28 and said to include many new changes.

Paradox Development Studio’s Stellaris is set in a galaxy full of unusual alien lifeforms, such as,  mammals, avians, fungoids, and many more species. The players are free to roam around and explore the galaxy in their quest to find resources to fund their expansion. While they are searching for materials, they may encounter numerous different species, who may not always be very friendly.


The player can choose to adopt any trait ranging from peaceful explorers, militaristic zealots, reluctant xenophobes, or many other options available to them. Some of these traits offer bonuses, while others put restrictions on the user.

As the game proceeds further, players come across different other rival galaxies until eventually all other players are included. This makes the overall experience more restrictive for players as they have to focus of conquests instead of exploration, changing the atmosphere of the game.

The 1.3.1 update introduced in the game has made alterations, for example, now the enemies cannot shell players with torpedoes unless they have unlocked cruisers. The new patch has also made it easier for civilians to escape, and they can get out faster than the user’s troops.


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