Stories: The Path of Destinies Update Version 1.03 released on PS4 and PC, upgrades game engine and more [Patch Notes]

Stories: The Path of Destinies Update Version 1.03 has been released on PS4 and PC.

Update 1.03 brings a lot of new games, with the biggest one being the developers upgrading the game engine. The game now runs on Unreal Engine Unreal Engine 4.18, which has led to the developers changing the game’s name to Stories: The Path of Destinies Remastered. You never see this happen folks, kudos to developers Spearhead Games.

Check out the full patch notes below:

Stories: The Path of Destinies Update Version 1.03 PS4 and PC Patch Notes

The game engine has been updated to Unreal Engine 4.18, improving performances and visuals and that’s why we’re calling this version Stories: The Path of Destinies Remastered.

Also the following issues have been fixed:

  • Global: Sometimes players can’t unlock “Boreas discoverer” achievement
  • Global: Hooking a Shield Raven can increase the Combo meter to a high number
  • Global: If players switch sword right before a locked door, they won’t be able to open it
  • Global: In wide resolutions, player can’t click on Back or Apply in Options menu
  • Global: It was possible to fall by dashing in corners
  • Global: Perfect Strike text sometimes overlaped with Combo Meter
  • Global: Portrait stay on and dialogues can be missed when using Alt-Tab during dialogues
  • Global: Quitting in tutorial after crafting sword and loading back in did not leave the sword equipped
  • Global: Ravens can sometimes miss their combat Idle animation
  • Global: Subtitles for scripted dialogues could disappear if a banter had started playing just before
  • Global: Using the Grappling Hook on an enemy started a combo
  • Menus: Advanced Graphics Options have been made easier to access
  • Menus: Continue highlight color was different than the others
  • Menus: Option items sometimes weren’t saved (without closing the game)
  • Desert: Elevator does not open door when stopped
  • Fleet: Players can fall off the map by dashing back to the platform
  • Fleet: Combat slowmo sometimes continues during following cutscene
  • Fleet: Hero Path – Zenobia can appear in T-Pose inside a ship during the Farfarer cutscene
  • Fleet: Player can be stuck, unable to reach an hookpost on secondary path
  • Forest: Raven can be stuck on a rock (“kicked enemies getting stuck on higher level terrain”)
  • Mountains: Some subtitles could be played during the wrong cutscene
  • Nexus: Player was able to leave combat area by kicking an enemy and following up with an attack
  • Nexus: Sometimes characters were invisible after skipping the intro cutscene
  • Nexus: Issues with Russian localization after completing the level
  • Nexus: The player can walk off the airship in Nexus by repeatedly attacking the back side
  • Prison: Eyeballs’ cone of vision could go through some walls
  • Prison: Sublevel missing when coming from the first pink door
  • Ruins: Quitting game during the end sequence (or even earlier?) and continuing game makes the wrong sequence play
  • Tutorial: Altar kept its “new” green VFX after player got their first upgrade
  • Tutorial: The mouse icon can be seen on the Counter tutorial pop-up
  • Village: Controls could be lost after countering an attack

Stories: The Path of Destinies Remastered is available now on PC and PS4.

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