Strange Brigade Ends Its Thrice Damned Three-Part DLC Today

Strange Brigade has ended its Thrice Damned Three-Part DLC and to celebrate this announcement a new trailer was released.

Rebellion Developments has shared the trailer showing fans what to expect from the last part of Thrice Damned DLC for Strange Brigade. They have also been supporting the game with free post-launch content that seems to add more to the game.

Here is what is included in this last part of the Thrice Damned DLC for Strange Brigade.

  • A new campaign mission: THRICE DAMNED III: GREAT PYRAMID OF BES is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC
  • Character Expansion pack: The MAHARANI HUNTRESS CHARACTER EXPANSION PACK adds new character Anjali Khan and also bundles her amulet power Spear of the Ice Age, Cluster Grenade, and the Audley A40 Exemplar SMG and Eastleigh M1 rifle
  • Fantastic Freebies: Two new Score Attack levels and a new Horde map.

The launch trailer for Thrice Damed Three-Part DLC conclusion can be viewed in action below.

Rebellion Developments has also released a brand new Strange Brigade update version 1.12 that adds Photo Mode and Extreme Mode to the game. More details about this new patch can be viewed from here, and it was available to download yesterday on all platforms.

Strange Brigade is playable now on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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