Stream videos and other media to your PS4 and Xbox One using PLEX

Sony’s Playstation 4 isn’t exactly known for its media features. The PS3 was used by many users to watch movies and stream other media, the PS4 however doesn’t support DLNA and has lackluster Blu-ray Playback. Sony will most likely patch in better media functionality in a future update but what can users do right now to stream their favorite content locally? The answer lies in the power of HTML 5 and a neat little program called PLEX.

The Xbox One is a bit better as it does support DLNA but you’ll have to send files to your Xbox One to play them instead of the console being able to browse through your local files. This process in my opinion is just not worth the extra hassle so using PLEX is much better. Microsoft did announce that they would be patching in MKV support sometime down the line, but till then PLEX is the best option.


Streaming videos locally will require a PC with decent hardware if you plan on viewing 1080p videos, I recommend a dual core processor on the minimum. PLEX is the program we’ll be using to stream media to your PS4, it basically converts video into HTML 5 like the videos we watch on YouTube. The media is then viewable directly on the PS4’s web browser which luckily supports HTML 5. Along with being able to access media locally, PLEX also allows access to various video channels similar to Netflix.

PLEX not only supports Videos, but all other formats as well including pictures and music. The program works on any device that supports HTML5, so the following tutorial is not just for the Xbox One and PS4 but will allow your other devices to view media easily as well.

Read on for the full tutorial.

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