Street Fighter 5’s New DLC Story Mode ‘A Shadow Falls’ Gets Launch Trailer

Capcom has released the trailer for the upcoming free DLC story mode, A Shadow Falls, that is due out July 1st.

The DLC will be released alongside a major update which will add Balrog, one of the most iconic characters in Street Fighter history, and Ibuki into the playable roster for the game. Also added in the update will be Balrog’s Las Vegas stage and the Kanzuki Private Beach stage, new costumes, matchmaking improvements and upgrades to the in-game currency shop.

The story itself is expected to bridge the gap between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III and will depict the battle between the World Warriors and the evil Shadaloo organization.

With this release, Capcom will also resolve a long standing complaint gamers have had about the game, that there was an utter lack of any single player story content when the game originally came out.


The DLC itself is now available on the PlayStation store with a hefty 7.4 GB download size. It is available ahead of launch for all players before the update tomorrow enables it to go live.

Street Fighter 5 was released on February 16th to generally positive reviews but was highly criticized due to it’s lack of several core gameplay features.

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