Street Fighter 5 Update Version 3.03 Full Patch Notes For May 27

Street Fighter 5 update version 3.03 is available to download now for PS4 and PC. Here are the full patch notes for this update.

Capcom has released a hotfix update for Street Fighter 5 implementing a number of bug fixes. You can find out the complete Street Fighter 5 update 3.03 patch notes below.

Street Fighter 5 Update Version 3.03 Full Patch Notes For May 27

[Battle Adjustments]

Recoverable Damage When Hit

Fixed an issue with some moves that cause recoverable damage equivalent to chip damage when blocked,
where the amount of recoverable damage would be the same as that of a hit.

Changes to Dhalsim and Guile

In the last update, adjustments were made that extended hitboxes inward across the board.
This was intended to prevent characters from using actions like a forward step to get inside an opponent’s attack’s reach and avoid damage despite the close range.

However, this made it easier for some projectiles to hit opponents from behind, so the moves in question have been adjusted.
Check the following for further details of the adjustments:

– Fixed an issue where just the effect remains when EX Psycho Blast is canceled by Gill’s Flame Javelin or Volcanic Storm.

– V-Trigger II Yoga Sansara has had the amount its hitbox extends inwards reduced.

– Fixed an issue where blocking some attacks with V-Skill II “Dual Poison Dance” would cause too much recoverable damage.

– Fixed an issue where after V-Skill II Overchain is performed, blocking an opponent’s guard break technique with Sledgehammer
would cause the effect of Overchain to be lost, even though no damage was received.

– Changed active attack frames of V-Skill I Sonic Blade’s extended inward hitbox from 42F to 2F.
– Reduced the extended inward hitbox of Sonic Hurricane and changed the active attack frames of this part from 50F to 2F.

– Fixed an issue where Raid Jump would be performed if Surprise Foward/Surprise Back was input at a specific time after V-Skill I Coward Crouch.

– Changed the juggle behavior of the opponent when Spin Pendulum hits in the air, reducing instances in which a Cyclone Distaster follow-up would miss.
– Changed where the character appears when transitioning from the copied version of Air Stampede into Mad Spin, as well as the difference in recovery time on guard.

We have also made other minor fixes and improvements.

[Bug Fixes]

The following bugs have been fixed:

– The antenna display on the battle confirmation screen for ranked matches, casual matches, and the Battle Lounge shows a range that is one step slower than the actual response time.
– Even setting restrictions when creating a Battle Lounge shows a range that is one stage slower than the actual response time.
(This is a fix for the bug reported on 3/24. )

Street Fighter 5 is available now for PS4 and PC.

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