Street Fighter V Beta is coming back on August 28

Originally planned to run between June 23 to June 25, the much awaited Street Fighter V Beta was shut down and delayed indefinitely. Capcom has now announced that the Beta will be back on August 28 4PM PST and will run for 5 days to September 2 7AM PST. Hopefully this time around everything goes as smoothly as possible, as the previous demo was almost unplayable for most players trying to play the game.

Peter Rosas, Street Fighter V’s associate producer assured fans, that this time around they expect everything to go around smoothly:

Outside of the servers being shut down for periodic maintenance, we expect everything to run continuously throughout the entire five day beta period,

Check out more information on the Street Fighter V Beta here.


This is still a Beta so there will be some glitches and bugs here and there. Do make sure to Capcom know of any problems you face as that’s the main purpose of the Beta.

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