Street Fighter V Beta issues persist despite 4 hour long maintenance

Capcom has taken down servers for its Street Fighter V Beta on the Playstation 4 an hour or so after it went live at 6 pm PST on July 23. A large number of players were unable to make it past the title screen. The Beta prompts you to press any button to continue, but when you do, it fails to connect to the servers and in turn sends you back to the title screen.


A few lucky ones with access to the beta managed to make it past the title screen and play the starting practice session. Though, that didn’t last for long either, as players would eventually get booted out to the title screen in a matter of minutes. Strangely enough, the two characters that were supposed to be unlocked at a later date i.e. Cammy and Birdie, were already available in the character selection menu. This is also likely to be the outcome of the server problems, as the Beta will initially have Ryu, Chun-Li, M Bison, and Nash to select.

Capcom has been posting regular updates regarding the server issues on its Twitter page. The most recent tweets can be seen below.

Servers are expected to go live as soon as the maintenance procedures have been completed. The duration of this maintenance has been extended from 2 to 4 hours, and it will now be completed at 3 am PST on July 24.

Update: Reports from many PS4 owners with access to the beta suggest that connectivity issues persist despite the lengthy maintenance period. However, given that this is a Beta and not a demo, such hiccups are to be expected.

We’ll keep you updated on further developments regarding the Street Fighter V Beta as they become available. In the meanwhile, let us know what character you’re excited to play as in the comments below.

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