Street Fighter V – Huge Update Comes out July 1

Street Fighter V developer, Capcom, is set to release a huge update for the game next month. The update will be released on July 1 and will feature the most content we have seen since the March update which introduced Trials mode, an in depth Practice mode and an in-game store.

The update coming update includes:

  • Cinematic Story Mode – “A shadow falls” the full story mode expansion that players have been waiting for.
  • Removal of Zenny currency – After the update comes out, Fight Money will be the only currency available in Street Fighter V. You will now be able to purchase Fight Money with real money as well as earning in game.
  • Battle Costumes – Players can now purchase alternative costumes for their favorite characters.
  • New Stages – Kanzuki Estate (Day) ,Las Vegas ,Shadaloo Air Base (Night) and  Forgotten Waterfall (Night).
  • New Character – Ibuki; purchasable with Fight Money. (Free to Season Pass holders)
  • New Character – Balrog; purchasable with Fight Money. (Free to Season Pass holders)
  • Online Improvements – Improvements made to matchmaking speed, matchmaking preferences and smarter matchmaking with improved match quality.

Capcom has also confirmed that they are working on Extra Battle Mode, Vs CPU Mode and a new target system that will reward the players with fight money upon completion of goals.

street fighter V gameplay

Street Fighter V’s cinematic story mode is confirmed to have all 6 DLC characters as playable. However, they are said to be in early development so they are not complete yet. The story mode is set to take place between the events of Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV. It will feature the world warriors to fight alongside each other and take on M.Bilson and his Crime organisation known as Shadaloo.

Street Fighter V has sold more then 1.4 million copies and is available for purchase on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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