Street Fighter V: Everything you need to know for the Beta

Street Fighter veteran VesperArcade has posted a full system breakdown video for Street Fighter V on his Youtube channel. He details all the new game mechanics as well as the changes that have been incorporated since the previous iteration, Street Fighter IV. The aforementioned changes all fall under a new V-System, which includes the V-Gauge, V-Trigger, V-Skill, and V-Reversal.


The video can be seen below.

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The V-Gauge is a new resource meter that ties all the other V-System mechanics together. It replaces the Ultra meter from Street Fighter IV, and is found at the bottom of corner of the screen, just above the EX meter. The V-Gauge ranges from two to three bars, and its size alters your strategy, depending on what character you choose. Similar to Street Fighter IV’s Ultra meter, the V-Guage doesn’t carry over to the next round, However, unlike the Ultra meter, it has multiple uses. The meter fills up by taking any kind of damage as well as by using V-Skills.

V-Trigger augments your character for a short amount of time. This can come in the form of added damage, stun, speed, or altered special moves. Charlie Nash is an exception, however, as his V-Trigger gets depleted after a one-time use.

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Meanwhile, V-Skills are character-specific actions that replace Focus attacks from Street Fighter IV. V-Skills can either be offensive,  defensive or even both, depending on the character you pick. As was the case with Focus attacks, V-Skills can be used an unlimited amount of times. As mentioned earlier, using these moves allows your V-Gauge to fill up.

Lastly, V-Reversals are character-specific actions that are performed while blocking. They’re quick reversal attacks that are much like the Alpha Counters from Street Fighter Alpha. Using a V-Reversal takes away one stock of your V-Gauge, and it can’t be performed while your V-Trigger is active.

Street Fighter V’s first online Beta program is exclusive to the PS4, and is scheduled to begin later this month on July 23. If you’re lucky enough to have secured a spot in the Beta, let us know what character you’re excited to play as in the comments below.

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