Street Fighter V File Size Is Surprisingly Small For PS4

If you have pre-ordered Street Fighter V digitally and were curious about its download and install size, you should be happy to know that the game is surprisingly small in size, and requires just 6 GB of data to be downloaded on PS4.

Capcom has also held a few closed betas for the game before its launch and these were also small downloads, usually hovering around the 3-4 GB mark. Now that the full game is close to its official release, we have learned that the actual game size is also rather small. This download size is listed on the official PlayStation Store, which you can see in the screenshot below.


The small size is likely due to the lack of a proper story mode in game, which has been confirmed to launch as a free update in June. This story mode will offer more than an hour of Street Fighter V story centered on its characters. While the final game won’t have proper story mode at launch, it does have a character based story mode which includes a hand drawn story introduction for each of the character in the game.

Street Fighter V will be out on February 16th for PC and PS4. The game will launch with 16 characters and more will be added later with updates. Capcom is also planning to release a free story mode expansion in June for the game.

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