Street Fighter V Guide: How To Easily Make Fight Money Without Ranked Online Matches

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V utilizes a virtual currency called Fight Money that can be used to unlock in-game costumes and DLC characters completely free of cost. This Fight Money can be earned through various means in the game and despite this all, there is an easy way to earn more than 100k Fight Money, which is required to purchase a DLC character, through various means in the game.

Story Mode

Playing through the Story Mode with each of the 16 playable characters will reward the player with around 10k Fight Money per each character. Since there are total of 16 characters available in the game, the total Fight Money that can be earned using these characters is around 160k, which should be more than enough to buy the first DLC character ‘Alex’ set to arrive in March 2016.

Survival Mode

Survival Mode in the game also rewards the player with Fight Money after completing it with one character. In addition to Fight Money, players can also unlock alternative colors for their costumes. The Fight Money that can be earned depends on the difficulty of the Survival mode starting with Easy difficulty, which has around 10 fights, and ending with Hell difficulty, which has around 100 fights. Each time the player finishes Survival mode, they will also get leveled up and these level ups reward the players with Fight Money.


Just for an example, completing the Survival mode on Easy with one single character at level 1 can give around 10k Fight Money.


Challenges are something that are still unavailable at the time of writing this guide. They will officially launch in March with a content update. These challenges will offer the players Fight Money daily if they manage to accomplish them. The amount of Fight Money that we can get is unknown so far.

That’s all for now. If you need some Fight Money, you can also get them by playing online Ranked matches. Each win or loss rewards the players with Fight Money, although it is pretty small reward compared to Survival or Story mode.

Keep in mind that this Fight Money will be usable once the in-game Shop open up in March. It can be used to purchase costumes and new DLC characters among other items.

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